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Rhys Hoskins cardboard is on fire!

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With the second-half decline of Aaron Judge, it seemed as though all attention was being redirected to Giancarlo Stanton as he began hitting homers at a blistering pace. However, a new contender has loudly introduced himself: Rhys Hoskins of the Philadelphia Phillies. Don't get me wrong, prospectors have known about his homerun power for the past couple years (38 in 2016, and 29 in 2017 before the callup). 


Nobody, and I mean nobody, saw what was about to happen. After being called up, Hoskins went on an absolute tear through the MLB by homering 11 times in his first 18 games -- setting a record along the way. As he morphed into the hobby's next Trevor Story, err Aaron Judge, his card prices began to skyrocket. Not having a Bowman Chrome Auto to date has helped his non-auto stuff from 2014 (primarily) reach the stratosphere.


Here are some examples from eBay:

Bowman Red Paper Parallel - $700

Bowman 100 Card Lot (Chrome, Refractors, Base) - $611

Bowman Black Refractor Parallel - $269


With prices like these, I would suggest going through those old boxes you have lying around and see if you can find some gold tucked away.


Share some success stories, or your Rhys Hoskins pickups!



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