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  1. JDohn

    Stadium Club

    I also got an Ozzie albies base auto. Not a braves collector but was wondering if I should sell now or wait
  2. JDohn

    Stadium Club

    Do you think they’re worth anything b cause I don’t have any intention of keeping them
  3. JDohn

    JDohns sale/trade album

  4. JDohn

    June Pickups

    Retail pickup
  5. JDohn

    Stadium Club

    I have like 40 of these where they messed up printing
  6. JDohn

    Stadium Club

    Has anyone else seen cards with two names on them? I was wondering if it’s common
  7. JDohn

    June Contest!

  8. JDohn

    Where are the Bowman Mega Boxes?

    Searched 6 Targets today have one more. Nothing so far
  9. JDohn

    Grading Submission

    these were the cards I was thinking about sending.
  10. JDohn

    June Contest!

    Dang only three active people on the site. I’m surprised the giveaway didn’t increase traffic.
  11. JDohn


    Don’t want them that bad
  12. JDohn


    just won $200 on a scratch ticket. Want to get a hobby box. Any suggestions
  13. JDohn

    Where are the Bowman Mega Boxes?

    Anyone find any?
  14. JDohn

    Who is your favorite future star to collect?

    PM if you want to work something