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  1. Colonel Homer

    2017 Topps Update

    In case he didn’t get anything good, I also bought him a complete set to make sure he got at least 1 Judge.
  2. Colonel Homer

    Topps Chrome

    He also got a Strasburg All Star Game card.
  3. Colonel Homer

    Topps Chrome

    My boy got a box of 2017 Topps Crome for Christmas and got a Derek Jeter and Bryce Harper All Rookie Cup cards.
  4. Colonel Homer

    2017 Topps Update

    I gave my son a box of Topps 2017 update and he got a Brooks Robinson MVP card. Looks like it isn’t worth anything. Neat looking card though.
  5. Colonel Homer

    New member

    My name is Chris. I started collecting as a kid and am getting back into it with my boy who took an interest in football cards a few years ago. A lot to catch up on in the collecting business since I last did it!