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  1. Misc.

    Some miscellaneous cards floating around.
  2. Cards come and go. Loved them all.

    Some cards I still have and some I've parted ways with. They are/were great to possess.
  3. Having fun collecting sports cards. Selling, buying, trading. Have eBay account, michelleccards, just for getting rid of cards I don't collect to buy cards that I do. Having as much fun collecting at 46 as I was at 16. Good relaxing hobby and always stay away from the sharks in the water.

    Love my wife, children, grandchildren and family. In the end, life boils down to stack with nothing left but the people you love. (Sorry, not trying to be cheesy. Facts are facts.)


  4. Favorite Brewers

    Favorite Milwaukee Brewers cards
  5. Nice rookies

    Some nice rookie cards
  6. Nice Prospects

    Nice prospects for 2018 season
  7. Favorites

    Some of my favorite cards.