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  1. CONTEST - December 2017

    Who won?
  2. Topps Going High-End?

    I buy some singles as well. Thank you comic.com I just miss opening boxes.
  3. Danny's Nolan Arenado Collection

    Nice stuff. I’m glad I picked up his auto before he blew up.
  4. George Springer

    Unless you’re an Astros or Springer fan, now is the time to sell!
  5. December pickups thread

    I bought this with my Black Friday purchases. Tonight, I picked up a 2027 box.
  6. December pickups thread

    Prizm rocks!
  7. Who will win Super Bowl LII (52)?

    Anyone but the Patriots! Please!
  8. Sorry. I still haven’t broken the set up yet. I’ll let you know when I do though.
  9. CONTEST - November 2017

    He’s a good guy. I’m glad he won.
  10. CONTEST - December 2017

    Gotta love Trout!
  11. I am breaking up a 2011 Topps Update set very soon. I am selling Goldschmidt, Altuve, and possibly Rizzo.
  12. Topps Going High-End?

    It seems to me that Topps is moving too much in the direction of high-end products? Whatever happened to 24-count boxes with 2-3 hits? It seems as though there are less and less of them every year. I am worried where this is headed.
  13. Intro

    My main PC is the Rockies, but I still collect a few Padres as well. I also love Griffey, Jeter, Pujols, Ichiro, A-Rod, Bryce, Posey, and more.
  14. CONTEST - November 2017

    Wow! I love Bryce Harper AND PSA 10s!
  15. Intro

    Hi! I'm Tracy (@batcavelv) on Twitter. I have been collecting cards since 1983, minus a decade hiatus in the late 90s/early 00s. My main focus is baseball, but I dabble in hockey as well. I run the occasional box break via my blog, Tracy's Box Breaks. Word to your mother!