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  1. Where to start with football?

    I would personally say Contenders not draft but the one coming out or Prizm.. But it's tough with all this junk coming out lately with sticker autos
  2. Carson Wentz Prices Thread

    I don't own 1 Wentz auto sadly but I do have a few decent rc cards
  3. November Pickups Thread

    Does anyone know how much it costs to get 10 cards graded through psa?
  4. Base RC's of Young Stars - LIST INSIDE!

    Do you do group PSA submissions?
  5. Danny's Random Rookie Cards

    Holy cow 🐮 Those are some sick cards!
  6. CONTEST - December 2017

    Man that's a sweet Trout! Thank you for the chance
  7. CONTEST - November 2017

    Wow thank you so much!!
  8. CONTEST - November 2017

    Thank YOU! Just need alittle 🍀 luck
  9. Hi my my name is Justin

    Yep I am definitely in that club lol that's why I have been trying to find a tight niche of fellow collectors /friends I can trade with. It's just so sad and unfortunate there are those bad eggs that ruin the trust by being greedy, but I have luckily found a handful of great friends so far. How has your experience been?
  10. CONTEST - November 2017

    Thank YOU! Just need alittle 🍀 luck
  11. Hi my my name is Justin

    Everything lol 😂
  12. Hi my my name is Justin

    Hey fellow collectors my name is Justin aka NJSENSASIANSCARDS on Twitter and IG.. Always down to trade and talk cards with fellow collectors
  13. Always interested in Judge cards!
  14. CONTEST - November 2017

    That's a sweet card! Thank you for the chance and generosity!
  15. November Pickups Thread

    Always looking for Mets and Yankees. Also base or inserts of Griffey Jr. Mike Trout Bryce Harper Kris Bryant Frank Thomas