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  1. November Pickups Thread

    Nice. I'm a big fan of Lindor. Picked this one up a couple weeks ago:
  2. Danny's Random Rookie Cards

    This album is where I'll store my cards that don't fit into their own albums.
  3. November Pickups Thread

    Awesome pickup @Juancowington! Do you collect the Indians?
  4. TWITTER CONTEST - 11/17/17

    And the winner is...
  5. Danny's Sold/Traded Cards

    THESE ARE ALREADY GONE This album is dedicated to all the cards I've sold or traded. Sale prices and trade details are listed in the description of each card. Hopefully this won't turn into a "look what this moron sold these cards for" album.
  6. TWITTER CONTEST - 11/17/17

    Autograph card wins the vote! The giveaway is now open on Twitter:
  7. Danny's Carlos Correa Collection

    This album is to showcase all my 2017 World Series champion Carlos Correa cards! Future MVP no doubt!
  8. This has been heavily covered in the collecting community today. Penn's Cards posted up pictures that show two distinctly different Lonzo signatures (sticker vs. on card) that cast doubt on the sticker auto's authenticity. What are your thoughts?
  9. Growing Community

    Thank you for your support!! Thank you! We're open to any and all ideas to help drive member engagement. We want collectors to find value in the site.
  10. Hey everyone! We're going to be hold a giveaway on twitter next weekend. We want the community to have a choice in the type of card we're giving away. So, which will it be? Thanks, Danny
  11. Topps Going High-End?

    Agreed. It seems that even Topps' flagship products are drifting in this direction since there's literally an insert card in every pack. What's sad is that the high-end products don't hold any type of value on the secondary market. They're awesome cards for collectors, but the majority of people would be better off letter case breakers rip and just buy singles via eBay.
  12. Hello everyone! I wanted to create a dedicated topic for discussing ideas to improve the site or feedback in general. Let us know if there is anything we can do to improve! We're all ears! Thank you, Danny
  13. Definitely interested! Let me know!