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  1. January pickup threads

    Sick Alomar!
  2. CONTEST - December 2017

    Sorry for the delay guys! Congrats @JDohn!
  3. CONTEST - December 2017

    Sorry guys, been down for the count for a couple weeks -- mono officially sucks, FYI. I'll get the results of this up either tonight or tomorrow!
  4. Danny's Sold/Traded Cards

    THESE ARE ALREADY GONE This album is dedicated to all the cards I've sold or traded. Sale prices and trade details are listed in the description of each card. Hopefully this won't turn into a "look what this moron sold these cards for" album.
  5. Danny's Random Rookie Cards

    This album is where I'll store my cards that don't fit into their own albums.
  6. November Pickups Thread

    I think it depends if you have a membership or not. I think the base price is $18/each, but if you're a member you can get bulk pricing for $10/each if submitting at least 10. Here's a link to their price sheet: https://www.psacard.com/fees/
  7. December pickups thread

    Very nice Naquin! I really like the college uniforms on these. Much better than airbrushed logos.
  8. Man, that was brutal. I actually felt bad for a CGI tiger.
  9. Which one? 2015 Series 2 #616?
  10. CONTEST - December 2017

    DECEMBER CONTEST! This month, we're going to be giving away a 2013 Topps Update Mike Trout photo SP graded PSA 10. To enter for a chance to win this sweet card, here's all you have to do: 1. Become a member 2. Post at least five (5) times during December Current members are eligible to enter by satisfying #2 above. The contest ends and the winner will be announced on 1/1/18. Good luck everyone!
  11. CONTEST - November 2017

    And the winner is ... @Njsensasianscards A PM is being sent to claim the prize. Thanks everyone for entering! Stay tuned for our December giveaway!
  12. CONTEST - November 2017

    Hey guys! I just ran the SQL query to determine the members that qualify based on entry rules and the number of posts made during the month of November. I will be randomizing the names using Random.org (three rolls) at some point tonight or tomorrow to determine the winner. I will video the random with my phone and upload the video in this thread. Stay posted, and thanks for entering which is helping us grow into a more vibrant community! @Juancowington 12 @Amador 7 @Njsensasianscards 7 @Batcavelv 5 @BattleRedReady 5 I just wanted to go ahead and let you guys know that you qualified for the contest.
  13. November Pickups Thread

    @Juancowington Very nice! Does he have any other autos in Archives Signatures?
  14. With considerable success this year, Carson Wentz has a chance at taking home an MVP trophy this year and his prices are starting to grow significantly. Anyone buying at the current prices, or waiting/hoping for a pullback to pick up some nice cards? If you've already got a nice PC going, show it off!