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  1. Danny

    2018 Donruss Wrapper Redemptions

    Let us know what you get!
  2. Hey guys! Still looking to buy. Updated the OP with more cards and changed the prices upwards. Thanks!
  3. Danny

    Topps Living Set

    Anyone buying this set? I've grabbed a few, but only the rookies so far (mainly Ronald Acuna and Gleyber Torres). The early cards are going for crazy money on eBay. Seems like it would be tough to start now...
  4. Danny

    MLB Contest

    You can't go wrong with a HOF relic, especially for free!
  5. Danny

    2018 Donruss Wrapper Redemptions

    Sweet! Are you ripping them?
  6. He's definitely in the lead now. Mookie missing a couple weeks put him in a hole. It's still early though!
  7. Danny

    Where are the Bowman Mega Boxes?

    Welcome!! They're still a tough find. I've seen a few people on Twitter having luck lately. Maybe they'll get new shipments in.
  8. Danny

    Upper Deck RAK

    Haven't received one. What did you get??
  9. Hey guys, looking to pick up quantity of the cards below. Prices are what I'm looking to pay each. Thanks! 2014 Bowman Draft Chrome - Eloy Jimenez - $3.50 2016 Bowman Draft Chrome - Gleyber Torres - $4.50 2016 Bowman Draft Chrome - Bo Bichette - $2.00 2018 Bowman Chrome - Luis Robert - $2.00
  10. Danny

    June Contest!

    Thanks! It's a very underrated RC of Correa in my opinion.
  11. Going through Parks and Rec for the third time currently. What about you?
  12. Danny

    June Pickups

    Nice! That Judge is sick! I should have a couple things coming in today that I can share later tonight.
  13. Danny

    Where are the Bowman Mega Boxes?

    @Batcavelv I read somewhere that one store was keeping them behind the counters and was only allowing four per purchase. @JDohn Hopefully they restock at least once this summer. I'd like to find at least a couple!
  14. I had voted for him too, but lately Trout has been on fire! This concerns me as well. Hopefully he comes back strong next Friday.
  15. Danny

    Where are the Bowman Mega Boxes?

    No clue! None here either. I'm convinced people were ready this time. I'd bet there were quite a few Target employees who collect and/or are friends with collectors and had them pulled before they even hit the floor. I've seen pictures online of people camped outside waiting for the store to open. I've completely given up all hopes to find any in the wild.