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  2. Astros I've got some Bregman, a Fire Gurriel, a Bowman Springer, a Nick Sarloos auto, and some other base Topps of of small names
  3. Last week
  4. December pickups thread

    I'm quite pleased with this clear McCann
  5. November Pickups Thread

    I think it depends if you have a membership or not. I think the base price is $18/each, but if you're a member you can get bulk pricing for $10/each if submitting at least 10. Here's a link to their price sheet: https://www.psacard.com/fees/
  6. December pickups thread

    Very nice Naquin! I really like the college uniforms on these. Much better than airbrushed logos.
  7. December pickups thread

    Here's my first
  8. December pickups thread

    Show off the cards you recieve this month
  9. Carson Wentz Prices Thread

    I think Brady will snag MVP as Carson trails off a bit (due to inexperience). I am all out of football cards been that way about a year now.
  10. CONTEST - December 2017

    What a nice prize! Cool of you to do this again and look forward to more traffic in here.
  11. Base Rookie Cards 2010-2013 2016-2017

    I'd be down to hear what you have of Astros. I am up right now with the morning off perusing COMC for cheap Astros autos as I type!
  12. Where to start with football?

    I would personally say Contenders not draft but the one coming out or Prizm.. But it's tough with all this junk coming out lately with sticker autos
  13. Carson Wentz Prices Thread

    I don't own 1 Wentz auto sadly but I do have a few decent rc cards
  14. November Pickups Thread

    Does anyone know how much it costs to get 10 cards graded through psa?
  15. Base RC's of Young Stars - LIST INSIDE!

    Do you do group PSA submissions?
  16. Danny's Random Rookie Cards

    Holy cow 🐮 Those are some sick cards!
  17. CONTEST - December 2017

    Man that's a sweet Trout! Thank you for the chance
  18. Who will win Super Bowl LII (52)?

    now im feeling patriots or steelers after how the eagles showed up against the seahawks
  19. Danny's Sale/Trade Album

    How much is the Benny
  20. 9x Shohei Otani Bowman Chrome Mega BGS 9.5

    Where did you get all those
  21. If you are looking for any cards from these years there is a decent chance I can hook you up. I also have some low end autos I can post if you have any interest.
  22. CONTEST - December 2017

    Awesome thanks for the chance
  23. CONTEST - November 2017

    Wow thank you so much!!
  24. CONTEST - November 2017

    Thank YOU! Just need alittle 🍀 luck
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  26. Danny's Random Rookie Cards

    This album is where I'll store my cards that don't fit into their own albums.
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