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  2. pi_man121's Sale Album

    All cards in this album are available! PM me if interested
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  4. Danny's Sold Cards

    This album is dedicated to all the cards I've sold. Sale prices are listed in the description of each card. Hopefully this won't turn into a "look what this moron sold these cards for" album.
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  6. Hey guys! Looking to pick up some nice Tom Eshelman autos from 2015 Draft. Paying the prices below (delivered): Base = $7 Refractor = $10 Purple = $14 Green = $20 Gold = $30 Interested in lower numbered cards too, so let's talk!
  7. Made any nice pickups this month? I have a couple in transit and will update when they get here!
  8. With the second-half decline of Aaron Judge, it seemed as though all attention was being redirected to Giancarlo Stanton as he began hitting homers at a blistering pace. However, a new contender has loudly introduced himself: Rhys Hoskins of the Philadelphia Phillies. Don't get me wrong, prospectors have known about his homerun power for the past couple years (38 in 2016, and 29 in 2017 before the callup). Nobody, and I mean nobody, saw what was about to happen. After being called up, Hoskins went on an absolute tear through the MLB by homering 11 times in his first 18 games -- setting a record along the way. As he morphed into the hobby's next Trevor Story, err Aaron Judge, his card prices began to skyrocket. Not having a Bowman Chrome Auto to date has helped his non-auto stuff from 2014 (primarily) reach the stratosphere. Here are some examples from eBay: Bowman Red Paper Parallel - $700 Bowman 100 Card Lot (Chrome, Refractors, Base) - $611 Bowman Black Refractor Parallel - $269 With prices like these, I would suggest going through those old boxes you have lying around and see if you can find some gold tucked away. Share some success stories, or your Rhys Hoskins pickups!
  9. So, who do you think will win Super Bowl LII this year? I'm going with the Patriots, but can they really do it again? *** The options above are the Vegas top odds as of the middle of August 2017.
  10. So, what are some of your pickups this month? Here's my lone pickup of the month to date: 2015 Bowman Draft Kolby Allard Base Auto The kid just pitched 7 scoreless innings for the Mississippi Braves yesterday.
  11. Danny's Chrome Autos

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