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  2. Danny

    Sold / Traded

    THESE ARE ALREADY GONE This album is dedicated to all the cards I've sold or traded. Sale prices and trade details are listed in the description of each card. Hopefully this won't turn into a "look what this moron sold these cards for" album.
  3. pi_man121

    pi_man121's Sale Album

    All cards in this album are available! PM me if interested
  4. Danny

    Stadium Club

    That's a tough call. His prices are good right now, but he's incredibly young with lots of potential.
  5. JDohn

    Stadium Club

    I also got an Ozzie albies base auto. Not a braves collector but was wondering if I should sell now or wait
  6. Danny

    For Sale / Trade

    These are cards that I'm currently looking to sell or trade. If trading, my PC focus is RC-logo cards.
  7. Danny

    Random Rookies

    This album is where I'll store my cards that don't fit into their own albums.
  8. Danny

    Nolan Arenado

    This album showcases my collection of the best defending 3B in the league!
  9. Danny

    Carlos Correa

    This album is to showcase all my 2017 World Series champion Carlos Correa cards! Future MVP no doubt!
  10. Danny

    Jose Altuve

  11. Danny

    Stadium Club

    It's possible depending on the player combination. Probably not much more than the price of a base though. Some collectors may jump all over them if that's what they collect.
  12. JDohn

    Stadium Club

    Do you think they’re worth anything b cause I don’t have any intention of keeping them
  13. Danny

    Stadium Club

    Wow. Haven't seen that. Definitely a printing error. Pretty cool error, but sucks if you're looking to build the set.
  14. JDohn

    JDohns sale/trade album

  15. JDohn

    June Pickups

    Retail pickup
  16. JDohn

    Stadium Club

    I have like 40 of these where they messed up printing
  17. Danny

    Stadium Club

    I haven't noticed one. Do you have a picture?
  18. JDohn

    Stadium Club

    Has anyone else seen cards with two names on them? I was wondering if it’s common
  19. JDohn

    For Sale / Trade

  20. JDohn

    June Contest!

  21. Batcavelv

    MLB Contest

    That sounds about right.
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