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  2. pi_man121's Sale Album

    All cards in this album are available! PM me if interested
  3. Posey, Harper, Bryant and other trade candidates.

    Long time eBay and baseball card collector looking to trade the cards in this album for others I'd like to have. Interested primarily in cards BGS graded 9.5/10. Focus is on current MLB players such as Alex Bregman and Top 100 MLB prospects.
  4. I'm thinking of selling my ungraded Elway if you are interested respond and I'll post a picture.
  5. January pickup threads

    Thanks, i also picked up this jose ramirez card
  6. January pickup threads

    Sick Alomar!
  7. CONTEST - December 2017

    Sorry for the delay guys! Congrats @JDohn!
  8. CONTEST - December 2017

    Sorry guys, been down for the count for a couple weeks -- mono officially sucks, FYI. I'll get the results of this up either tonight or tomorrow!
  9. CONTEST - December 2017

    Who won?
  10. Topps Going High-End?

    I buy some singles as well. Thank you comic.com I just miss opening boxes.
  11. January pickup threads

    Heres my first card
  12. January pickup threads

    Show off any new cards of january
  13. Danny's Nolan Arenado Collection

    Nice stuff. I’m glad I picked up his auto before he blew up.
  14. December pickups thread

    Also got some panini contenders autos
  15. December pickups thread

    Im guessing my final card of december is this omar visquel topps tribute shadowbox auto
  16. 2017 Topps Update

    In case he didn’t get anything good, I also bought him a complete set to make sure he got at least 1 Judge.
  17. Topps Chrome

    He also got a Strasburg All Star Game card.
  18. Topps Chrome

    My boy got a box of 2017 Topps Crome for Christmas and got a Derek Jeter and Bryce Harper All Rookie Cup cards.
  19. 2017 Topps Update

    I gave my son a box of Topps 2017 update and he got a Brooks Robinson MVP card. Looks like it isn’t worth anything. Neat looking card though.
  20. George Springer

    Unless you’re an Astros or Springer fan, now is the time to sell!
  21. CONTEST - December 2017

    Wow! This is awesome! I am a diehard Angels fan and would love this! I always go see them play when they’re in my area!
  22. New member

    My name is Chris. I started collecting as a kid and am getting back into it with my boy who took an interest in football cards a few years ago. A lot to catch up on in the collecting business since I last did it!
  23. Misc.

    Some miscellaneous cards floating around.
  24. Cards come and go. Loved them all.

    Some cards I still have and some I've parted ways with. They are/were great to possess.
  25. Having fun collecting sports cards. Selling, buying, trading. Have eBay account, michelleccards, just for getting rid of cards I don't collect to buy cards that I do. Having as much fun collecting at 46 as I was at 16. Good relaxing hobby and always stay away from the sharks in the water.

    Love my wife, children, grandchildren and family. In the end, life boils down to stack with nothing left but the people you love. (Sorry, not trying to be cheesy. Facts are facts.)


  26. Favorite Brewers

    Favorite Milwaukee Brewers cards
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